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Just want to schedule a mini session? THIS PAGE has my current offerings.


Mini sessions are short, efficient photography sessions that are typically held back-to-back in one location that the photographer chooses. This efficiency is perfect for many of my clients who just want a few professional photographs each season to record their family history.

Whether a mini session is right for you depends on your goals. I created the following chart to help identify whether a mini is for you.


Here in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area, efficiency is king. Many of us are project managers, many mini sessions are for parents and kids, and efficiency is the word that rules our lives. I have mixed emotions about presenting this distinction.

I struggled to find the right wording and "efficiency" vs "detail oriented" are what I settled on to distinguish the two session. This distinction is not perfect. Many times efficiency is desirable, but not always. Sometimes you want to just relax, do more poses, and really take quality time together during your photo session. The main purpose of session photography is to capture connection between people, families.

The efficiency of mini sessions is a real benefit for many. If you have a family member who remembers that miserable session at JC Penny or Olan Mills and just wants to get it over with, it's easy to sell them on a 15 minute session. If you have kids who can't last long, the mini is a great option. The cost and themes of mini sessions are designed to give you great photos that you can treasure without a long session that might wear you out. The option to get in, get the photos quickly, and go on with your day is attractive. We've come a long way since shopping mall photography studios, but shorter sessions are not practical for everyone.

Photography is about capturing you as you are, genuine emotions, genuine interactions. The magic of photography is the little ways that you interact with your loved ones. You have your own love language that is better than anything I can coach or pose, and that's what we hope to capture.

In some cases portrait sessions are more practical for you and your loved ones. Having more time to relax in front of a camera is important. It might also be important to have more time for difficult family members like your pets, a fussy toddler who needs time to calm down. You may want to work toward a carefully constructed pose or have photos taken at a specific location such as your home. If you have a large multigenerational family to photograph, a portrait session is clearly the best option so I can give each family member the attention they deserve. Maybe you want more choice on outfits, locations, props, and any number of other variables. These are all excellent, practical reasons to do a full portrait session.

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